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But after cache invalidation (calling SCB_InvalidateDCache_by_Addr), I do read all 0's, instead of valid data, which is not expected. A serial port if you like. ) for 16 bit data transmission. Zero to blinking an led I tried to use the stm32 arduino cores, and much of it works as it should, but I use interrupts a lot and there's some funkiness with the HAL arduino cores and when i diddle the interrupt registers manually. Elastic Notes: STM32 + I2C OLED SSD1306 + u8glib + CubeMX: If you think, that title of this post consists of all possible random words, you are wrong:) This is what I've try to chain right during couple of days, but it was not so simple, as I thought at first time! //#define USE_DMA - коли I2C for stm32 using hal library sensor shield si7021 Simon Says SN74HC595N SparkFun SPI SPL SSD1306 ST-LINK V2 ST7735 ST7735S The documentation file is generated in automatic by using DOXYGEN. STM32 - SPI Slave - Using Hal Drivers - Unreliable TXRX and Slow Initialization. Discover how to set up a stable development toolchain, write custom programs, download your programs to the development board, and execute them. I tried as follows. 2. its more reliable and less complex https://youtu. However, when you would like to use it for something else than just basic stuff like generating PWM on digital output you have to write it by yourself. One of these bugs/errors is well known trouble that peripheral (SPI, UART or any other), working in DMA mode, works just once, I mean only one time after initialization. . Thanks. This is convenient to maintain up to date the documentation but is not easy find the topics inside the documentation and to understand the way to use the library. Browse other questions tagged c interrupt stm32 spi hal or ask your own question. The simplest and most obvious subsystem for sending a bit-stream is of course SPI, and the STM32 features DMA driven SPI, which would allow data to be sent to the LED’s while new data is prepared. After finishing the first part, you will be able to write codes for basic peripherals like Clock Control, GPIO, Interrupt, and DMA. Here I'll do one more example with the micro's UART. STM32 Low Level (LL) library is a new library for programming the STM32 series. Basic, general purpose and advanced STM32 timers. If I use SPI 1 in PA5-7(no remapping), the SPI 1 is working fine. The interface was developed by Motorola and has become a de facto standard. library you use, ST now has a new library they push (HAL or CUBE),  2018年8月19日 SPI DMA初始化,并开启一次数据接收,. Written by an experienced electronics hobbyist and author, Programming with STM32: Getting Started with the Nucleo Board and C/C++ features start-to-finish projects that clearly demonstrate each technique. STM32 Primer - UART Example. ADC peripheral. Sends data over the SPI bus. -1 I am transferring 10 bytes from master to slave over SPI+DMA with HAL. SPI_CPHA = SPI_CPHA_1Edge;//CPHA 는 셋 마스터 클럭의 rising,falling edge 할건지 결정 가능 SPI_InitStructure. How can I check whether how many bytes the receiver has at that moment and if all the 10 byte has not been received then stops the process again. STM32F4 SPI with DMA //STM32 is the master with the TLC5940s as slaves I ported the best I could this code to use with HAL drivers, but modified it for STM32, SPI With DMA - Page 1 EEVblog Electronics Community Forum Am kind of new with STM32 and i did had a lot of a-hah moment for this application even SPI bus is a synchronous serial communication interface specification used for short distance communication, primarily in embedded systems. I’ve seen one project where an ARM chip produced colour signals. This library is extension for my SPI library. The SPI interface may still be busy which may cause  Jun 5, 2016 interfaces – serial, SPI, and I2C – analog input and output interfaces, and the development of firmware utilizing both interrupts and DMA. The names are as follows:- www. SPI to PulseView/sigrok; 6 ways to communicate with stm32, part 3. The HAL_SPI_TxCpltCallback(), HAL_SPI_RxCpltCallback() and HAL_SPI_TxRxCpltCallback() user callbacks will be executed respectively at the end of the transmit or Receive process The HAL_SPI_ErrorCallback This course teaches you the hands-on skills of STM32 programming using HAL library. In the STM32, you can’t. STM32Cube. . Mar 11, 2012 Sending data over SPI with the STM32 using polling is simple and reliable but your processor is blocked, unable to do anything else until the  2018年5月11日 SPI硬件初始化,内存地址初始化*/ static void Init(void) { uint8_t i; /*失能SPI1*/ HAL_SPI_DeInit(&hspi1); /*清空FpgaRevData内存*/ for(i=0  Dec 27, 2015 The SPI DMA block transfer call back for transfer complete is based on DMA TX complete. This synchronous function performs a transmit operation. I've just had a look at it - very much like the manuals for other STM32 parts. STM32 Discovery board's LEDs can be used to monitor the transfer status:  stm32 HAL SPI with DMA. STM32 HAL Driver Receive with Interrupt example. May 24, 2017 the SPI interface of the STM32 devices using the STM32CubeMX HAL . The memory layout of an STM32 application and linker scripts. I've been working on a datalogger, with an stm32f405, and am using FATFS. RCC. 0. « on: August 22, 2018, 06:13:45 am ». You can mix LL code with HAL code. It can be reading data from the peripheral unit like ADC and writing values to RAM. I have written many posts about interfacing I2C devices with STM32 but there are some devices which require only SPI to work i. In DMA, when half the data gets transfered, a HALF TRANSFER COMPLETE INTERRUPT gets triggered and HAL_UART_TxHalfCpltCallback is called and when the data transfer completes, HAL_UART_TxCpltCallback is called. I'm ready with the circular DMA support for STM32 SPI and some other interesting fixes. STM32 HAL SPI Interrupt Handling. have fun! Die Modi Half-Duplex-Slave und Half-Duplex-Master werden zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt in einem gesonderten Artikel behandelt. Since DMA on STM32 is quite flexible, you can have it working only on transmit and receive. Read more about HAL libraries. マイコンのピン数の問題で、spiは1系統に絞ったので通信するたびにモードを変更する必要があります。こちらはhal_spi_initでどうにかなったのですが、問題はdma転送をどうするかです。 で、以下の二つを試しました。 Bust mode is a mode used by modern and fast SPI devices to transfer chunks of bytes one shot, that is without doing X complete transfers. The CMSIS-Driver SPI requires: Setup of SPIx input clock; Setup of SPIx in Full-Duplex Master/Slave mode with optional DMA for Rx and Tx transfers 처음 데이터를 전송할 때 SPI->SR 레지스터값은 0x02 였다가 그 뒤에 0x403으로 바뀌는데요. We will connect 2 STM32F4Discovery boards and use the STM32Cube HAL API to configure one board as an SPI master (generating the clock) and the other as an SPI slave (relying on the clock generated by the master). [SOLVED] STM32 SPI half duplex (1-wire Bidirectional) problem | Update: see my answer for fix. I'll generate a diff and post a link to the file, if that's ok. We can use 5V logic level to this 5V tolerant input pins. Also, I have a brand new I2C HAL driver also for STM32 which is 99% complete and fully functional, interrupt driven, loosely based on the USART driver. Library is written for STM32 HAL library and supports STM32CUBEMX. 1 – created on 20. We will configure the SPI in several different modes, show how they affect the generated signal and setup the double-buffered mode to demonstrate continuous uninterrupted mode. The logic voltage of STM32 is 3. Setting up SPI on STM32F030C8. STM32 and ADC (Analog-to-digital converter). Since the sensor has some noise, I would like to take the average and so I need to  Feb 4, 2014 BusMatrix arbitration and DMA transfer delays worst case . st. ” On the STM32F4, sending data over SPI using DMA allows you to initiate a transfer of a block of data and then carry on without waiting for it to complete. For this I decided to use the HAL_SPI_TransmitReceive_DMA() function, but it seems only to read out the sensor once. The CPU didn’t have DMA though, but was faster than the STM32L. 0x403은 SPI 장치의 수신 버퍼가 꽉 차있고 오버런 에러가 났음을 뜻합니다. To make our task more difficult I’ve decided to use four SPI modules and respectively four different DMA channels. there are 2 fil STM32 + UART + DMA RX + unknown length. The HAL is gaining popularity among hobbyists and is more and more frequently used. With more than 600 microcontrollers, STM32 is probably the most complete ARM Cortex-M platform on the market. The Blue Pill includes a hardware controller, SPI With Direct Memory Access Step By Step. Previously we have tried to do a single conversion of one ADC channel. file and the write binary bash script are all the same. * 该程序修改与HAL  Sep 13, 2018 This time, we'll take a look at the SPI peripherals available on the STM32F0 , use them to quickly shift out data to some shift registers, and then  The Errata pdf mentions some issues with SPI's but not this kind. 00006 00007 SPIクロックをちょうど1MHzにしたかったので、HCLKを2のN乗の128MHzにしました。またクロック源(PLL Source Mux)を内蔵RCのHSIではなく、NucleoボードのST-Link側に乗っている8MHzの水晶から取るために、HSEに切り替えています。 STM32F103 GPIO has 3 digital input mode: input with internal pull-up, input with internal pull-down, and input floating. I did not realize that the SPI is controlled by DMA(!) so the DMA takes care of reading . I am trying to use HAL_SPI_Transmit(. Is it possible to use HAL_SPI_Transmit together with HAL_SPI_Transmit_DMA?? For example: I would like to read out a sensor over SPI using the DMA. * 关键是返回函数的初始化,DMA 源地址 和目的地址的初始化,各标志位的清空与开启. 2 . In another case maybe you need to send chunks of data using SPI. No, not much to raise suspicion, at first look. I want to use DMA for spi in STM32F401RE NUCLEO board. As soon as SPI enters into receiving mode, STM32 will continuously generate clock on SCK pin until receiving mode is disabled. STM32 HAL DMA interrupt does not fire. This tutorial shows how to connect two STM32 boards using the SPI interface and exchange data between them. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. DMA controller. We leave actual SPI peripheral initialization code as is, but in HAL_SPI_MspInit() we enable clocks for DMA2 channel and then configure streams themselves. In short it’s a hardware abstraction layer fully covering the STM32. using the DMA. Everything relating to using STM32 boards with the Arduino IDE. STM32 HAL SPI DMA multi read sensor. h" How to use spi with DMA in STM32F401RE NUCLEO? Hi. The protocol is SDIO. SPI_InitStructure. Part 1. The end of the data processing will be indicated through the dedicated SPI IRQ when using Interrupt mode or the DMA IRQ when using DMA mode. This feature is not available right now. So, let’s begin immediately! 🙂 Read about 'STM32F7 SPI DMA example with HAL Libraries' on element14. IWDT and WWDT timers. Power management. They are good things, but still have too few documentation and articles in the Internet. This course is divided into 3 parts. In STM32 microcontroller family, U(S)ART reception can work in different modes: HAL_SPI_Receive_DMA (& SpiHandle, (uint8_t *) aRxBuffer, BUFFERSIZE)‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ I have tried to set DMA and SPI with STM32CubeMx but the problem remains the same. SD card reader, TFT display etc. Infrastructure wise it's pretty much the same as the previous timer LED example. Configuration 탭에서 ①DMA를 눌러 DMA configuration 창을 띄우고, ② ADD 버튼을 누른후 DMA Request 리스트에서 ADC를 ③ 선택합니다. The likner script, startup file, OpenOcd config. I have a few questions, comments, which can possibly solve your problem, but it  @page SPI_FullDuplex_ComDMA SPI Full Duplex DMA example @verbatim by mean of HAL API to ensure SPI Data buffer transmission and reception with DMA. HAL_SPI_Transmit 함수가 데이터를 전송만 하는 함수여서 수신 버퍼를 신경쓰지 않아도 될 줄 알았는데. The data can be seen on the line to properly get clocked out over SPI. I would expect you have already done some things: - checked SPI operation with non-DMA HAL functions. So I made the decision to share the needed steps to configure it ( and also to avoid the duplication of my answer each time). I2C bus and protocol. The reason was that the CPU in my DMA transfer complete interrupt routine was accessing APB1 bus in the moment the DMA would also write on the APB1 bus to the GPIO peripheral. So today in this post, we are going to learn how to use SPI with STM32. STM32 clock tree and its configuration. Alle Beispiele (Code und Grafiken) beziehen sich im folgenden auf den Full-Duplex-Master-Mode. Please try again later. 1. The STM32 is a family of microcontroller ICs based on the 32-bit RISC ARM Cortex-M33F, Cortex-M7F, Cortex-M4F, Cortex-M3, Cortex-M0+, and Cortex-M0 cores. I have configured the SPI using STM32Cube as 16 bit data size (with hspi2. It was something in between. SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) generally requires 4 wires as shown above. 6 ways to communicate with STM32 part 4. 모드 ④ 를 선택하고 ⑤ ADC결과를 저장할 변수 메모리 크기를 선택후 "OK"버튼을 눌러주면 됩니다. It can be use for TX only, RX only or both (transmissing mode). h" #include "platform_config. Of course the SPI module itself needs to be initialized first, which is not shown here. com In the previous post, an example of using STM32 DMA to perform a simple data copy between 2 arrays was introduced. This book aims to be the first guide around that introduces the reader to this exciting MCU portfolio from ST Microelectronics and its official CubeHAL. Burst mode allows to speed up the transfer between the MCU and the SPI chip, especially if the MCU support SPI DMA mode (like the STM32 does). If you do a lot of bit-toggling, it will be more efficient in STM8. SPI to PulseView/sigrok – My Nerd Blog on 6 ways to communicate with STM32F103C8T6. It requires SPI library as basic to make this to work. Skip to content. – My Nerd Blog on 6 ways to communicate with stm32, part 3. To eliminate the gaps, we will configure the SPI to use DMA (direct  I recently implemented a similar system, and I hope I can help. HAL_SPI_TransmitReceive_DMA always returns HAL_OK but code quickly falls into HAL_SPI_ErrorCallback. check out this new video on uart ring buffer. DMA also works somewhat same as interrupt, means that data transfer is in a non-blocking mode. Apr 22, 2016 SPI DMA library allows you to send and receive data via SPI in non-blocking mode. Init. But I need pins PA5-7 as ADC input. com. 00004 00005 This file is part of ChibiOS/RT. The LL library offering a fast light-weight expert-oriented layer which is closer to hardware than the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) library. Graphics, graphics, and I2C. Features. SPI and DMA example. be/wj427hpP81s Guys the code has been updated. RTC clock. 实验室项目需要使用STM32开发,Hal库的资料相对较少,关于UART中断与之前使用飞思卡尔芯片的中断不同。首先在CubeMX中配置好UART中断;重点是:需要在主循环之前手动开启接收中断: HAL_UART_Receive_IT(&huart1, (uint8_t *)aRxBuffer, 1); 只有手动开启之后才能进入中断。 It is not difficult to initialize UART peripheral on STM32, but because of absence of description different bugs and errors appear. A quick side note: the text above the tables in the manual states: ” The 8 requests from the peripherals … are independently connected to each channel and their connection depends on the product implementation. That only happens with DMA, never DMA stands for 'Direct Memory Access' and it is feature of micro controllers that allow the hardware to access directly memory and functionalities in parallel to your code. Things to remember when developing a program for STM32 using STM32-Library. 00001 /* 00002 ChibiOS/RT - Copyright (C) 2006,2007,2008,2009,2010, 00003 2011,2012 Giovanni Di Sirio. These tables show which of the DMA streams a particular peripheral is connected to and via which channel. In many microcontroller projects, you need to read and write data. SPI是一种非常简单易用的全双工主从式通信协议。本文使用两片STM32F429,一个作为主机,一个作为从机完成SPI的全双工通信测试。在STM32的HAL库中简化了SPI主机端的发送接收,但是HAL库 博文 来自: gongyuan073的专栏 現在データロガーを一生懸命作成中です。 このロガーでは熱電対を使用し、温度計測にはmax31855を使用する予定です。 このmax31855ですがspiの単方向受信専用で使用することができ、4バイト連続して読み込むことで測温部温度と基準部温度を読むことができます。 If you are looking for a step by step procedure for learning how to use HAL drivers generated by STCube, then this foundation level course that I created would be helpful to you. It is RFID RC522 Base Card Reader using STM32, Interface SSP0 Skip to content » Stm32 spi dma hal. Seeing it working would reduce the problem to correct DMA setup. For do this is SPI_InitTypeDef SPI Прием - передача по USART1 с использованием DMA // USART/DMA_Polling #include "stm32f10x. Even the Stream allocation returns true when the stm32_dma_stream_t* parameter is NULL, there is no way one notices this, unless the DMA registers are inspected. Along with the clock toggling, data are shifted from MOSI pin into receiving FIFO, and SPI_I2S_FLAG_RXNE flag is set once 1 byte of data is received (line 12). SPISlave spi_slave(SPI_MOSI, SPI_MISO, SPI_SCK, NC); It is slow to transmit and receive by using SPISlave class, so i want to use HAL Drivers. DAC controller. SPI_NSS = SPI_NSS_Hard; //nss 하드웨어 소프트웨어 셜정가능 Arduino for STM32. We continue to improve our STM32Cube course and today we’ll speak about the combined use of SPI and DMA peripherals. 基于STM32的串口DMA发送-使用STM32的串口进行DMA发送(Noraml模式),在某个任务中连续调用两次发送函数log_printf(),但是发回的数据在串口调试助手上显示与预期不符。 If I disable the JTAG port by // disable jtag __HAL_AFIO_REMAP_SWJ_DISABLE(); There are clock pulses on pin PB3(SCK pin), but they are very bad. Flash memory management and the role of the ART The advantage of the ARM chip is that because it uses DMA to write to the screen, the CPU is doing almost nothing while it’s displaying an image. HAL_I2C_Mem_Write_DMA() (+) At MEM end of write transfer HAL_I2C_MemTxCpltCallback is executed and user can add his own code by customization of function pointer HAL_I2C_MemTxCpltCallback I suggest with add 2 more parameters at the end rx_dma_channel and tx_dma_channel. by HAL_SPI_TransmitReceive_DMA (which is not ideal BTW, I want Using ADC with DMA on STM32 micrcontroller The most received cry of help that I get form many people is about how using DMA with ADC for a continuous conversion of analog sensors inputs. I might go through the code more carefully later. dmaチャネルを使用してspiでデータを送信しようとしました。私はdmaなしで送信するとすべてがokですが、dmaのsthは間違っています。私のプログラムをデバッグするとき、spi drレジスタは常に0です. SPI DMA library allows you to send and receive data via SPI in non-blocking mode. SPI bus. I use PIC32MX795f512H as SPI Master for an external 24 ADC. I decided to use DMA mechanism for easier data preparation. The thing is, in one of the functions after "triggering" the DMA the code performs a "busy waiting" for the SD card to change its state to transfer. CRC peripheral. halを使用してspi + dma経由でマスタからスレーブに10バイトを転送します。受信機がその瞬間にどれくらいのバイト数を持っているかを確認するにはどうすればよいのですか? HAL库下Uart与SPI的DMA发送与接收一直有想法对HAL库下对串口与与SPI进行DMA方式接收与发送的详细配置了解,以及正确的操作流程。首先介绍Uart在HAL中实现DMA的发送与接收串口配置这 博文 来自: yb13795742427的博客 SPI Transaction with DMA Hi, I'm trying to figure out setting up SPI transactions using DMA. 3V, but there are several pins that 5V tolerant. In the STM8, you can flip any bit in memory with a single instruction. What is happening here, is we define 2 handles for DMA configuration. STMicroelectronics licenses the ARM Processor IP from ARM Holdings. dma循環モードを使用して常にアレイを送信したいと思います。 Unless the DMA itself is not configured properly, or if, the DMA pointer refers to a null pointer. First is necessary put the STM32 in boot mode; Second is necessary download a appropriate SW on STM32 RAM About STM32 SPI multi slave setup Hong Wing Pang Hi, I am trying to construct a SPI network with STM32F1 MCU in a star-shaped network so that all slaves are connected directly to the master. Clock configuration. I've tried to use DAC in couple with DMA in my board STM32F4Discovery. e. Stm32 spi dma hal Apr 8, 2016 Using SPI and DMA peripherals with the STM32 MCU, STM32Cube example. On the STM32 however, it really is universal. In order to increase its performance I'm using the DMA infrastructure provided. 19. Using DMA transmit SPI works just fine, as does SPI receive without DMA. Three-axis digital output gyroscope. Multichannel ADC using DMA on STM32 By admin ARM Cortex Tutorial. 2016 simon burkhardt page 2 /4 The code generator should output the following code: 179 You should check that the DataSize is set to 8-Bit, the rest should be fine as is. STM32 libraries based on STM32Fxxx HAL drivers. An AVR needs to work hard while a line is being drawn. 0. STM32 and L3GD20. I have some quick comments on the code, though: It seems to be affected by a bit of "cargo cult programming", with repetitions and superfluous calls. DataSize = SPI_DATASIZE_16BIT). SPI extension for non-blocking TX, RX or both modes This tutorial shows how to use the SPI interface of the STM32 devices using the STM32CubeMX HAL API. Precondition: In order to use this function the option SPI_USE_WAIT must be enabled. so i tried the stm32workbench and the stm32cube and the stuff works as advertised, so thats what i went with. Home Page DMA, USART1, SPI1 and MCO pin. The problem is that in the receive interrupt, we kick off the next transaction (a DMA SPI write). Virtual Com Port. 3V, so the logic voltage for GPIO input pins are also 3. It has support for every peripheral a STM32 micro has like CAN, USB, ADC, Timers, etc. Recently I have written a short post about the HAL library created by STM32. The LL and HAL are complementary and cover a wide range of applications requirements. Now, I will show another example with DMA and I2C to read raw data from MPU6050 acceleration and gyroscope sensor directly. 05. stm32f429i Disco ADC DMAPosted by antheri9 on September 27, 2015Hello, Im developing some applicatnion whitch must use FreeRTOS and sample 2 channels ADC. This note explain how to program an external QSPI connected to an STM32. Looking at the datasheet for the WS2812B, To send a “0” requires a pulse that is high for 400nS and low for 850nS (all values plus or minus 150nS) stm32の使い方をわかりやすく解説ようと思います I'm not working specifically with STM32 DMA, in so far can't help in this regard. The optimal way to use SPI sensors on STM32 is to use Direct Memory Access (DMA) with Interrupts. I tried as follows, but it is not generated SPI CLK signal. This repository may give you information about how to read data on UART by using DMA when number of bytes to receive is not known in advance. Of course, we’ll also create an example for STM32 microcontrollers. STM32Cube and USB. This write fails because the HAL erroneously still has a lock on the DMA tx handler. Jyi dma환경을 추가 합니다. Library. There's simple arbitration in the STM32 and when CPU and DMA is accessing the same bus, they are alternating. June 2016 DocID022648 Rev 3 1/38 AN4031 Application note Using the STM32F2, STM32F4 and STM32F7 Series DMA controller Introduction This application note describes how to use di rect memory access (DMA) controller available ST released new HAL library, together with STM32CubeMX codegeneration tool. That way, in the SPI DMA functions, rather than have a hard set RX and TX channel, we can make the functions read the corresponding TX and RX channels from the dev struct, and that way we can use the same functions on either DMA channel. I was porting code from STM32F429, but due to HAL libraries using different aproach, Two problems: I need to make SPI to work with DMA in slave mode, so after . This peripheral has a raft of features for a huge range of serial protocols including all the usual asynchronous modes plus IrDA, LIN, Smartcard Emulation and the ability to function as an SPI port… Typical STM32 parts have between 2 and 5 USART peripherals. !!!!! WARNING, if someone help me with both problems, you will get one STM32F429 in LQFP144, 3x STM32F746 in LQFP144, and two STM32L4 in LQFP100 as I have a HAL_SPI_TransmitReceive_DMA() transaction that I am performing. We were waiting for the ADC I would like to read out a sensor over SPI using the DMA. How to use STM32 DMA 06 June 2014 on stm32 dma In many microcontroller applications, you may need to read and write data from and to outside devices through I2C, SPI, USART or ADC… peripherals. Since the sensor has some noise, I would like to take the average and so I need to read out the sensor several times. In order to use this function the driver must have been configured without callbacks (end_cb = NULL). What this means, effectively, is that you can tell your micro to send something over SPI and forget about it. This tutorial talks about ST SPL, which is a collection of hardware libraries that provide an easy approach to any STM32 ARM programmer. STM32 Tutorial NUCLEO F103RB GPIO Pins V1. In a first step after the user press the User Key, SPI Master starts the communication by sending aTxBuffer and receiving aRxBuffer through HAL_SPI_TransmitReceive_DMA(), at the same time SPI Slave transmits aTxBuffer and receives aRxBuffer through HAL_SPI_TransmitReceive_DMA(). While there are other libraries for ILI9341 they mostly require either interrupts, DMA or both for fast drawing The intent of this library is to offer a simple yet still reasonably fast alternatives for those that do not wish to use interrupts or DMA in their projects. I'm trying to read 4 byte from a SPI-compatible slave (MAX31855) in 1-wire bidirectonal SPI half-duplex. Using DMA, if I don't invalidate the cache, I see the same data in the buffer as before calling HAL_SPI_Receive_DMA, which is expected. Example for inverting Quad-SPI transfers over DMA2 AHB ports. At the moment I use SPI polling for SPI transactions with the following code. All of  Sep 15, 2013 This is what a DMA controller is for: it allows you to transfer data . stm32 spi dma hal

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